A cesspit or cesspool is similar to a septic tank, but has no soakaway and therefore needs emptying when full.

Sizing is based on 150L per person per day. The Cesspit needs to have the capacity to store waste for 45 days, equating to 6,800L per person.

The minimum requirement for a domestic property is 18,000L (1 bedroom property, 2 people).

STEP 1: Calculate Minimum Property Population (P)

  • 1 Bedroom = 2P
  • 2 and 3 Bedroom = 5P

Add 1P per bedroom thereafter - e.g. 4 bedroom = 6P, 5 bedroom = 7P

STEP 2: Calculate Cesspool Size
18,000L base size for 2P + 6,800L for each additional person.