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Vortex Pro 4
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Vortex 4 with Shallow 150mm Invert will serve up to 4 people

FSR Kit Included Free Of Charge

The acclaimed VORTEX™ sewage treatment plant is the most advanced sewage treatment system in the UK to date.

Benefits of the VORTEX system:

  • Low cost high performance - up to 98.9% pollution reduction
  • 10 Year tank warranty
  • Small footprint and easy to install – no concreting required*
  • High performance, better quality components used
  • NITTO linear piston compressors mean almost silent operation and minimal electricity usage
  • Built in sampling chamber saving you £300
  • Odourless – complete aerobic digestion means no smelly settlement chamber
  • Unique debris screening action – wipes, sanitary towels etc prevented from causing serious problems
  • EN12566-3 & A1 2009 Certification (satisfies more stringent French requirements)
  • Environment Agency approved to discharge to a ditch or watercourse (subject to permit)
  • Treatment process can be increased or decreased depending on the population
  • Versatile inlet depths - Supplied with standard 150mm up to 900mm inlet invert

The Vortex sewage treatment plant can achieve one of the highest treated quality of effluent on the market to date;

BOD -9
Suspended Solids – 16
Ammonia – 0.4

Here’s how it works:

The ONLY electrical element is a small high quality NITTO motor compressor which uses very little electricity.

There are no pumps, motors or any moving parts within the unit.
Incoming sewage is filtered to avoid mixing non soluble waste such as sanitary towels, wipes etc. Filtered sewage is then aerated and a microbial 'soup' builds up that digests the pollutants and organic particles in the sewage.

These good microbes are continually topped up with the microbes that sink to the bottom of the final settlement tank, guaranteeing an invariant 'friendly bacteria' provision for the digestion procedure.

There is no need to add extra bacteria, as is often required with other types of sewage treatment plant.
Processed sewage then enters the final  settlement chamber where activated sludge bacteria settle down at the bottom. These good microbes are always returned to the digestion chamber to enhance the performance of the treatment system.

The bacterial incrustation that forms on the top of the effluent in the clarification chamber is also constantly sent back through a pipe to the digestion chamber – this is an innovation unique to the Vortex, since other activated sludge plants require the removal of this crust, by hand, at regular intervals.

Vortex Eco Sewage Treatment Plant_1

Sludge Return (FSR KIT)

In all ASP sewage treatment plants, floating sludge accumulates at the top of the clarification chamber. This sludge must be periodically returned to the aeration chamber. If you dont want to manually open this valve on a monthly basis, then fit the Automatic FSR Kit as this makes the process automatic.

No other ASP sewage treatment plant has the ability to manage its own sludge

Delivery to Scotland & Highlands incurs a delivery charge - Please call for a delivered price 01923 261660

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