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If your project is among the 1.5 million homes and properties in the UK that cannot connect to the main sewer, what should you do?
First, the 2010 Building Regulations recommends that a site visit is carried out by a suitably qualified expert before the preferred treatment option is decided upon. Kingspan Klargester product experts will provide that service totally free of charge.  And it’ll be well worth it.  Get it wrong and the owner of the property could be faced with the unwholesome prospect of over-flowing toilets and blocked drains.  It also leaves both them and builder at risk of prosecution under The Public Health Act 1936, and the prospect of a heavy fine.
Although many would assume that a septic tank or sewage treatment plant would automatically be required, UK building regulations stipulate that whenever possible a house must be connected to the main sewer – which is why pump stations are still the most commonly specified solutions for off-mains drainage in this country.
Pump stations are fairly complex systems and they must be properly sized – too small, and the pump won’t be able to offer the requisite storage.  Both British Standards BS EN752 and Building Regulations for Foul Drainage, with a mandatory capacity to hold waste for 24 hours to protect the property should power supplies fail. Furthermore, the pump must be specified correctly to suit the site conditions and its particular application.
Klargester Range Of Pumping Stations
Call our team of product experts at the building design stage and they will determine the right location for the pumping station and calculate what’s needed, considering factors such as:
  • the height and distance to the main sewer if pumping directly to it
  • the depth of the incoming drain
  • the type of liquid that needs to be pumped and
  • the type and number of users
It would be poor economy to base your figures on “best estimates”, especially on small sites. Even small misjudgements can result in a pumping station which is under-powered and therefore unable to do the job properly.
You can ask the team for guidance whatever the size and scale of your project – from a single home to a multi-million pound industrial development.  And you’ll have access to high quality, reliable pump stations, all designed and factory-manufactured off-site before being delivered to site, ready to install.
If you require a pump station sizing call our team on 01923 261660 or email


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