Clearwater Alpha Cesspool 2,800L

Invert Depth: 1000mm
Add High Level Alarm: No
£594 (inc. VAT)


The Clearwater Alpha cesspool is manufactured by Kingspan Environmental and is made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

A cesspool is an underground tank that collects and stores sewage and wastewater. There are no processes within a cesspool and there is no outlet for the effluent. Cesspools fill up quickly and require regular emptying. They are suitable for areas where a septic tank or sewage treatment plant are not feasible. High Level Alarms with audible and visual warnings are available for all tanks to enable level monitoring for optimum use.

  • Standard invert 1m (please select option if you require 1.5m)
  • Made from composite GRP - strong, light, chemically resistant and watertight
  • Press moulded shape provides wide, squat, form which makes the tank easy to install and handle
  • Stable base for storage
  • Shackles are provided to aid lifting and positioning within the excavation
  • All unit volumes are designed in accordance with the recommendations given in BS 6297: 1983
  • The new manufacturing process minimises styrene emissions and reduces waste - all the better for our environment


Capacity (Ltrs) 2800
Diameter (mm) 1905
Inlet Level to Base (mm) 1565
Total Height (mm) 2599


Installation Guidelines.pdf

Technical Drawing.pdf

Clearwater Brochure.pdf


  • Free delivery to mainland UK (excl. Scottish Highlands, please contact us for a delivery prices).
  • Customer is responsible for offloading the product from the delivery vehicle.
  • Delivery dates are subject to change.

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