Septo Boost - Septic Tank Bacteria

Pack Size: 6 Months (6x30g)
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Hydra Septo Boost is a septic bacterial treatment that helps in maintaining odour free, smooth running drains. The product drastically reduces the instances of sewage backups and overflowing drains. Septo boost acts upon and liquefies starch, oils, cellulose, and grease. The powerful bacterial blend degenerate proteins, as well as harmful chemicals that leach into the septic systems through indiscriminate use of household products, meant for cleaning.

Water soluble packets of septo boost are convenient to use and can be easily dropped in the toilet bowls, without any mess.  Maintains an optimum number of powerful friendly microbes in the tank and keeps away blockages or build ups in the pipework.

  • Use Septo Boost in cesspools and septic tanks to achieve the efficient breakdown of waste material.
  • Helps in maintaining bio-system inside the septic tanks by contributing and promoting the growth of naturally present microorganisms.
  • Select combination of bacteria to give effective degeneration of grease, vegetable waste, proteins, fats or soap scum.
  • Eliminates the nuisance of seepage, bad odour, and overflow by removing buildups inside the tank and increasing its capacity to hold more affluent.
  • Rejuvenates soak-aways by removing the bio mat/ sludge layer and improving the quality of treated water escaping the field.
  • Better choice over harsh chemicals that harm the environment and are dangerous to handle.
  • Smoothly running drains, no more instances of backups in shower or bath area and basins.
  • Use regularly to prevent keep away rodents and insects.

How To Use

Initial treatment:

Use 1 sachet each on 1st, 3rd and 6th day of the treatment.

Maintenance treatment:

Use single sachet a month to maintain smoothly running septic tanks.

 Application Procedure:

Hydra Septo Boost is simple to use. To get optimum result, apply the product at night when the least inflow is expected in the tank. The water soluble sachets of Hydra Septo Boost can be simply dropped into the toilet bowl. Wait for some time until the cover and powder have dissolved. Flush. Septo Boost reaches the tank through pipe work and begins immediate action.

Full instructions on the label.


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